Boarding options at Big Bay Farm


Full board

 The full board will include hay, grain and shavings for your horse plus a stall with full turn-out. With the full board, you won't have to visit your horse every day. If you have a busy schedule and can afford to have someone else care for your horse full time, this is the best arrangement.  

 Horse owner is responsible for specialized feeds, supplements, farrier and veterinarian calls and treatments, blanketing, and other extras. Your boarding contract will outline all services provided and what you will have to pay extra for.  


Co - Operative Board

 Co-operative boarding is a creative equine boarding option, which has evolved for particularly ambitious and resourceful horse owners. Co-operative horse stabling offers horse boarders significant monthly discounts, while requiring these equestrian customers to perform barn chores to earn part of their horse' keep.

At Big Bay Farm, co-operative boarders supply their own horse feed, hay, and barn stall bedding. In addition, co-operative horse boarding clients are expected to work at the barn at least three shifts per week per horse. 

A shift includes:  cleaning stalls and caring for their own and others' horses. Specific chores are outlined in writing. At Big Bay, a shift schedule is created by management to accommodate the needs' of the boarder's personal schedules. Flexibility is necessary to participate in co-operative board situation.


Why Choose big bay farm

 ​At Big Bay Farm we all work together as a team in caring for each others horses, and we do not mind doing all the little extras that other places might charge for.   We have been horse owners for over 25 years and know what it takes to keep a horse healthy and happy.  Weather you have a aged Thoroughbred or a young Quarter Horse we know how to care for and feed them. 

Boarding costs