Girl Scouts Horse Badge Programs



Do you wanted to earn your Horseback riding badge or your Try it Horse Badge, but have not been able to find a stable that would offer it?

Well you are in luck! Big Bay Farm now proudly offers a program for Girl Scouts to obtain this badge!

Junior Horseback riding badge



The Horseback Riding Badge can be obtained through Big Bay Farm over a time period of 8 weeks. During this time girls will learn everything that they need to be able to receive their Horseback Riding Badge. The girls will be able to ride one of our safe and friendly horses while learning the basics of horse care. By the end of each session, certificates will be awarded to the girls that have accomplished each task.  This is a comprehensive course following the GS Horseback riding handbook.

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Try it! Horse badge



The Try it Badge program is designed for girls that are not sure they want to do a full program.  It gives girls a sampling of the horse program.  This is not a riding program although at the end of the 3 hour session each girl will get a "pony" ride.  Girls will learn how to groom, tack, interact and basic anatomy of the horse in this 3 hour program. At the end each girl will recieve a certificate of completion.   The Try it Horse Badge if offered only on Sundays.  Pre registraion is required. No drop ins. 

Cost for the Try It Horse Badge is $27 per girl ( minimum of 5 girls to run program) 

Horseback riding badge options

Horseback Riding Badge Options

Option 1.  A week long program( M-F 9-12) on the horsemanship part of the badge (safety,care, knowledge and handling).  Then book 4 lessons for after camp week to satisfy the riding portion of the badge.

The price for full week program (20 hours) that includes all materials required by the Girl Scout Manual would be $150 each child if under 10 kids sign up OR $100 each child for over 10 kids.             ( minimum of 5 girls to run a week program).  

After the week long program the 4 lessons to complete the riding aspect of the Girls Scout Manual would be at a discounted price of $30 each private lesson. (This is a discount of $10 per riding lesson.)  

Total for all steps in the badge would be as little as  $220 per girl. * 22 hours of education

Option 2.   A  program for 8 weeks on Sundays for a 3 hours each and by the end of the 8 weeks Girl Scouts will have ridden and learned the safety,care, knowledge and horsemanship.                   ( Minimum of 5 Girl Scouts to run program)

This program would cost $275 for the 8 weeks (24 Hours of education) including ride time. This program would also satisfy all steps of the badge process in this option.  

 Total for all steps in the badge would be as little as  $275 per girl. * 24 hours of education



Girl Scout Horseback Riding Badge Requirements

REQUIREMENTS as outlined by Girl Scouts

 When you come to Big Bay Farm to achieve your goal of receiving your Horseback Riding Badge e we will be covering a wide variety of topics. Below are all the requirements that will be taught for a Girl Scout to receive their badge.

  • Describe the safety precautions you should take when handling and caring for a horse.
  • Describe the fire safety precautions you should take in a barn and around horses
  • Name the 15 main parts of a horse.
  • Name four leading breeds of horses. Explain the special features for which each breed is known.
  • Describe the symptoms of colic. Name and describe four other horse health problems.
  • Explain what conformation is and why it is important. Explain the difference between lameness and unsoundness.
  • Explain the importance of hoof care and why a horse might need to wear shoes.
  • Demonstrate how to groom a horse, including picking hooves and caring for a horse after a ride.
  • Explain how to determine what and how much to feed a horse and why the amount and kind of feed are changed according to the activity level and breed. 
  • Name 10 parts of the saddle and bridle that you will use, and explain how to care for this equipment.
  • Show how to properly saddle and bridle a horse.
  • Demonstrate how to safely mount and dismount a horse.
  • Explain and demonstrate how to approach and lead a horse safely from a stall, corral, or field and how to tie the horse securely.

Below are requirements that will be done while safely mounted.

  • Walk the horse in a straight line for 60 feet.
  • Walk the horse in a half-circle of not more than 16 feet in radius.
  • Trot or jog the horse in a straight line for 60 feet.
  • Trot or jog the horse in a half-circle of not more than 30 feet radius.
  • Halt straight.
  • Back up straight four paces
  • Halt and dismount.